2018. 01. 03.

"Entrelac" pulcsi / "Entrelac" Sweater

My very first entrelac knitting project. Probably it would have been better with yarn with long colour repeats, but I didn't have any at hand. I think I see a lot of possibilities now that I learned the basics.

Pattern by Beaddict.

2017. 12. 21.

"Hópihe" füli / "Snowflake"earrings

It's winter again. Christmas approaching in one of the Fb groups we had this earring to bead as a colour challenge. This is my choice, I used chatons instead of rivolis and changed the thread way a bit. We are all to wear these at Christmas time. I sure will.

Pattern from here.

2017. 11. 28.

Sapka szőrmebojttal / Hat with Fur Bobble

My daughter had urgent need for a new white hat to go with a newly purchased big woven shawl. So I took my knitting needles and quickly made one. It required 2 skeins of 50g wool yarn. At the bottom of a drawer I found my mother's old fox fur collar and  made this big bobble from it. I'm sure she would approve it. As I don't want to wash the bobble it is attached to the hat with a couple of big sized snap fasteners.

Pattern: Beaddict

2017. 11. 25.

"Fergana" fülbevaló / "Fergana" Earrings

It has been some time I made something from my beads. I was too busy with my crocheting and knitting needles. And even these earrings are a little bit out of my character, but nevertheless I think I like the final outcome.

Pattern is available here

"Roses" kesztyű / "Roses" Mittens

I used to have a pair of Estonian mittens, but unfortunately lost them. So I decided to make myself something similar. I used sock yarn and 2.5mm knitting needles. I just love them.


Made from 100% wool yarn. Pattern from here.

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