2018. 03. 16.

Megújult kabátom / My Renewed Coat

There was a slit on one of my old favorite coats so I decided to jazz it up.  The chosen technique was crochet applique. My very first trial with this kind of thing. Did not do much designing though, just made a couple of Irish flowers, one of them covers the slit :), a leaf and a loooong simple cord. Then started to saw them on without any initial plan. I love the outcome. How do you like it?

2018. 03. 11.

Mi készül? / Work in Progress

New set in progress. I just fell in love with these stone beads. Aren't they adorable? I know that they are artificially colored regalite, but still ..

Patter: Beaddict

2018. 01. 27.

"Korallzátony" kesztyű / 'Coral Reef" Mittens

Végre sikerült fényképet is készíteni a korallzátony színű kendőhöz készült kesztyűről. Puha pamutbélést kapott, így nem túl hideg téli napokra tökéletes. Kézzel készített termék. A mintát a "Virus" kendő mintája ihlette, de módosítottam, hogy kevésbé lyukacsos legyen.

Finally had time to make pics of the mittens made to the "Coral Reef" shawl. They are lined with soft cotton and are just fine for moderately cold winter days. All hand made. Pattern inspiration from that of the "Virus" scarf but modified to make it less lacy.

2018. 01. 03.

"Entrelac" pulcsi / "Entrelac" Sweater

My very first entrelac knitting project. Probably it would have been better with yarn with long colour repeats, but I didn't have any at hand. I think I see a lot of possibilities now that I learned the basics.

Pattern by Beaddict.

2017. 12. 21.

"Hópihe" füli / "Snowflake"earrings

It's winter again. Christmas approaching in one of the Fb groups we had this earring to bead as a colour challenge. This is my choice, I used chatons instead of rivolis and changed the thread way a bit. We are all to wear these at Christmas time. I sure will.

Pattern from here.

2017. 11. 28.

Sapka szőrmebojttal / Hat with Fur Bobble

My daughter had urgent need for a new white hat to go with a newly purchased big woven shawl. So I took my knitting needles and quickly made one. It required 2 skeins of 50g wool yarn. At the bottom of a drawer I found my mother's old fox fur collar and  made this big bobble from it. I'm sure she would approve it. As I don't want to wash the bobble it is attached to the hat with a couple of big sized snap fasteners.

Pattern: Beaddict

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